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I did find an early Maitake a few weeks ago at the roots of a fallen tree, however I've not seen any on trees that have had them in the past.   My hope is that we will see them soon, however I'm beginning to think we have past the season.



Summer Mushrooms

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After a bit of a slow start this year it looks like mushrooms are finally starting to arrive.   I found multiple patches of Chanterelle a few Slippery Jack Boletes, and even a few Lobster Mushrooms.  Sorry i don't have pictures of the lobster Mushrooms.

Last Updated ( Monday, 09 July 2012 14:36 )

Morels Morels Morels

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Start looking for first signs of Morels- let us know when they appear in your area

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 02 May 2012 15:51 )

About Vermont Mushroom

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Vermont Mushroom Club was founded to support the growing number of people who hunt mushrooms in the state. This will hopefully be a great place for everyone to make friends, share pictures, stories and organize walks and events. This club is free and will always be free.

In 2010 southern Vermont had a good harvest of Chanterelles and Lobster mushrooms but due to a very dry summer very few Boletes were found.  Northern Vermont had more rain and hopefully they had a better foraging season than we did near Okemo. In late summer MT Holly area had many Chicken of the Woods and Puff Balls and  in October, it is was great to find  Honey mushrooms, Hen of the Woods and Shaggy Manes.

Informal mushroom forays are now being formed for the morel season and beyond. Please contact the club if you would like a mushroom walk in your area.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 30 October 2011 13:52 )

Teaching Kids About Mushrooms

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Take the kids into the wood to look for mushrooms because it is going to amaze them that there are so many different kinds growing in so many different environments.  Take pictures! What I tell the kids is that when they find a mushroom do not pick it until someone who knows how to positively identify mushrooms says it is okay to touch. Caution! caution! caution! There are a lot of mushrooms that are safe to handle, many that are safe to eat, but there are also many poisonous mushrooms. I do not recommend eating any of the mushrooms, even if they are determined to be edible.  Some mushrooms can make you very ill and some kinds can even kill you, and not allowing the kids even to sample some will stress how important it is to absolutely sure you have not made a mistake.  A little amount of certain kinds -the destroying Angel- can kill you in a few hours.


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